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Welcome to GS SOURCE,

GS SOURCE is an international sourcing company that was created to give our clients direct access to the manufacturing power of Vietnam without having to invest the significant time and resources to develop teams overseas, learn languages and cultures, and establish the networks necessary to be successful. GS SOURCE uses a transparent process which provides you with real-time key insights to ensure that we are meeting your manufacturing needs, whether large or small, with high quality product delivered on time.

GS SOURCE provides turnkey manufacturing services designed for small businesses in a socially responsible and reliable way. As an international sourcing partner, we offer following domains of services:

  • Hotel Supplies

  • Sourcing services

  • Lighting Samples | Furniture Design/Prototype

  • Factory qualification | Assembly Quality control

  • Packaging Shipping/Logistics

By applying Western management practices to the valuable labor resources in Vietnam, GS SOURCE is able to maximize the potential of the supply chain for your benefit. You can plug and play your product concept or designs into GS SOURCE's contract manufacturing system and get the quality product you need at prices that are competitive with even the largest multinational companies. Design to shipment, we’re a full service manufacturing sourcing partner for whatever needs you have. 

Let us know what your requirements are, we will provide the solution and strive to go beyond yours expectations.